Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Random Italia

Had lunch with a very dear friend today; Italy came up and for a few minutes I relived the excitement, the frustrations, and the sheer bliss of our trip.
One of my favourite days - my last day in Roma wandering from one fountain to a piazza to a church to a ruin all in the matter of hours with just my map and the sun to guide me.
To the very quiet countryside where time passes gently.
At a train station we sit on the edge of a koi pond. As the train approaches we all get up with dripping wet jackets.
What is with my fascination with corks?
This bench was in front of a pub which we never got to in Levanto. Something to look forward to.
Just across from the convent in Orvieto, a palazzo. Maura has such an eye for detail.
One of my favourite actors of all time.
We watched this twice in Italia; once in Orvieto in Italian with no subtitles and then again in Roma in English with Italian subtitles.

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