Sunday, November 21, 2010

Little packages

This time of year it is not unusual to find the mailbox full of letters, cards, and little packages. I suppose it is a bit early for presents but for those who live by ' it's Christmas everyday' and 'why wait for a special occasion' and 'life is short', sending a little something in the mail tells us that this person was thinking of us and knows exactly what we need and desire to make us happy. Every time we use her gift, we will think of her and send thanks her way. And what makes this gift so special is that we can enjoy it as much as we want, knowing full well that, when we least expect it, we will look in the mailbox and there, to our surprise, is another little package for us just because.
This is what we found in our mailbox last week, a mesh bag full of all different kinds of garlic straight from the farm down south.

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