Sunday, October 9, 2011

No turkey

Usually I do not take photos or even acknowledge that mums exist; they are a cemetery flower. But these mums (which are everywhere right now) caught my eye. It could have been the colour or because they remind me of buttons.
This year the apples on our tree are huge and they are still on the tree waiting for that first frost. But Mr. Bear, who has been visiting down the street, might not care about the whole frost thing.

It's Thanksgiving, so to thank that special someone, I made a heart shaped apple pie using a Martha Stewart heart-shaped pie pan and local Macs, of course. And not only that, but I made a deep-dish apple pie in case this one wasn't enough.

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Marisa said...

Hope your Thanksgiving holiday as awesome. We have to wait over a month for our Thanksgiving here. Your photos are beautiful. I didn't realize mum's are cemetery flowers.