Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekend discovery - part one

Our last road trip of the year to Naramata; this is a very quiet village with a great pub, a library, and a general store.

Lots of grapes still hanging on the vine; some draped in white netting waiting for the freezing temperatures to make ice wine.

Even though we visit only twice a year, it doesn't take long to reconnect with old friends.
As much as we love the peace and quiet of the village, we may have found a new place to try on our next trip south.
After leaving Summerland you cannot miss La Punta Norte Guest Inn on the right hand side. We were shown one of the suites and the breakfast room by the owner.

All you need here is a good bottle of wine.

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Stephanie said...

I never knew such beauty existed just down south! So pretty :) conjures up images of Greece with the water in the background and the quaint house! What a nice way to spend the weekend.