Thursday, March 29, 2012

Italian cooking school - Day four

We watch as the Chef beats sugar and eggs into a frothy lemon colour. The brandy is added and then the flour is expertly folded into the egg mixture.
Once the cake has cooled one of the students slathers the cake with the brandy-laced icing.
This is the Pigna di Pasqua.
We are also treated to cookies made by the Chef.
We present the Chef with a bouquet of flowers for her patience this week as we attempted to cook Italian.
Cake and tea.
We are done with cooking so we spend the rest of the day exploring.
An intricately carved totem pole downtown.
Is someone throwing that stool out?
It's a dome, not an Italian dome, but what are you going to do. They tried.
We stop at the quilt shop and get lots of neat ideas.
Our favourite bead store is right across the street; the wind chimes get our attention.
And then before you know it, you are back home.


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

what a fantastic time you must have had!!
It all looks so delicious
The cake looks like a sponge cake: but it isn't; not with the brandy but I love the idea.
The ravioli looks great too. My sister-in-law does one with butternut squash and sage.

have a great weekend

Lori E said...

Would like to follow your blog but couldn't find a followers gadget on here.