Monday, March 26, 2012

Italian cooking school - Day one

Up at the break of dawn, fortified with a quick shot of tongue-searing espresso,
or a foamy, egg-rich zabaglione we don aprons and gather in the kitchen.
Our first assignment is pasta. We quickly roll out dozens of sheets of the dough, flour them and leave them to dry for just a few minutes.
First we make ravioli. Two different fillings. One is ricotta and cabbage.
The second filling is ground pork mixed with lots of parsley, garlic, and cheese.
The little pockets are easy to make and are quickly frozen.
Our next lesson: penne. These were remarkably easy to make; a square of pasta rolled around a wooden spoon.
We had lots of dough left over so we made pappardelle using the pizza cutter.
Having survived the heat in the kitchen, we were rewarded with a bowl of perfect ravioli paired with a wonderful tomato sauce.
Ravioli and jalapenos! Perfect!

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