Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Italian cooking school - Day two

We prepare ourselves for another gruelling day in the kitchen; this time we load up on oatmeal and toast slathered with a plum-huckleberry jam made by our friend from Haida Gwai.

This is our reward today but first we must make the sauce.
The leftover ground pork from the raviolis is made into meatballs and slowly browned in olive oil.
Once they are done, we add a turkey neck and onions to the pot.
Crushed tomatoes, chicken broth, and salt to taste. The meatballs are put back into the pot along with some hard-boiled eggs. Left to simmer for at least two hours.
While the sauce is cooking, we cut up some tomatoes with lots of oregano and make a little pizza.
While the pizza is baking, we fry up some sweet red peppers.
And then we fry up some jalapenos too because not everyone likes sweet. But these turn out to be sweet and great tasting. A tasty addition to the fresh egg noodles with meatballs.
So far so good, but do we have the stamina to meet all the challenges that our Chef throws at us? Will we win the coveted Sauce Spattered Wooden Spoon or will we go home empty-handed? Tune in tomorrow for Day three.

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