Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday stuff

Before I get to the Sunday stuff, I have to mention our Saturday night dinner. A recipe from Style at Home - Asparagus Linguini with almond butter crisp. We tweaked the recipe by using homemade egg noodles that we made last week. The combination of roasted garlic, butter, and almonds is so yummy and the arugula gives it that unexpected twist. Try this and you'll forget about tomato sauce for a while.

Perfect morning for a walk on the Reservoir Trail. And so lucky to have come upon another bluebird couple right at the trailhead.

Look who's back at work after taking the whole winter off? Yes, my buddy from Venezia.
Made a huge apple crisp from a new recipe. Did not have enough brown sugar so had to make do with white but Mr. Cowboy tells me that it makes no difference - it is nice and tasty.
It has been a while since I sat and just made cards but today I did just that and managed to make ten new ones. Will try to make ten more tomorrow; my card holder at the store needs to be re-stocked asap.

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Pinecone Camp said...

Looks like you had a perfect Sunday. I love your bluebird pics! So beautiful.