Monday, February 1, 2010

Gnocchi Day

Apparently, today was Gnocchi Day. But these are not your regular Italian, boiled potato gnocchi. This is a new recipe that I have been wanting to try for quite some time. These call for roasted russets and sweet potatoes. Once I had put them through the ricer, let them cool, and added all the other ingredients, this dough came together so nicely that before I knew it I was done.
The dough was so nice that I had no problems rolling out the ropes and then cutting them up into bite-size pieces. A quick roll over a fork to create the indentations and I was done. So I decided to call my Mom and guess what she was making?
We really enjoyed the gnocchi for dinner with a simple sauce of butter, shallots and parsley. They did not need much more then that except for freshly ground pepper.
And after making the gnocchi I even had time to stitch up new covers for my hot mitts. Every year at about this time I pick out one of my favourite fabrics and sew up new hot mitts - this year it's green onions in honour of my Mom, Giulia. After all, she taught me to make gnocchi and once you've mastered that you can do just about anything. Grazie mille, Mamma.


Tonia said...

ha! Roasted potatoes! remember a while ago I emailed you saying I had heard that roasting the potatoes for gnocchi works better? So I'm gonna claim credit on this one. Well, actually I saw it on a TV show. House. Don't judge me. LOL :D Oh, and btw: uh, those oven mitts are becoming shapeless blobs. You need to stop. What is that like the 13th or 14th cover?

Anonymous said...

MMMMM. I'm hungry! What do you use to fill your oven mitts?