Thursday, April 22, 2010


Every morning as we sit at the round oak kitchen table, we can watch the birds feeding. So far we have only seen two robins but plenty of sparrows, flickers, warblers, blackbirds, and even the occasional magpie and crow. The previous feeding station was a plastic bowl that was held down by a very large rock.
So, we decided to build a fancy bird feeder with a roof to keep out the elements and those pesky crows and magpies. The rock is still there but the bungee cord will help when we get one of those nice breezes from the west. We used a plywood box for the base that I had bought at a thrift store many years ago (another item bought with good intentions) and cedar for the roof. We are still searching for a ridge cap. A few coats of paint that was left over when we had the outside of the house painted and it was ready to go. After securing it to the deck and filling the box, the blackbirds wasted no time in paying a visit.
My favourite tree in our yard is the siberian crab apple and about a month ago the guys were over to prune and they did a great job of shaping the tree to an almost tear drop silhouette. And they also made sure to be very careful and not disturb the nest. We have been keeping an eye on this one but it does not seem to be in use this year.

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