Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stockpiling scarves

Some people look at my craft room and tell me how great it is ( notice there are no photos of this so-called great craftroom) and marvel at all the shelves filled with jars of buttons, game pieces, wooden beads, old keys, stamps, and a million other collections. There are bins full of fabric and bags of yarn bought because it was too good a deal to pass up. In an effort to clean-up and de-clutter and re-organize, I have started knitting scarves. There are no fancy patterns, no circular needles, and no cable stitch holders. I'm not even purling. I'm simply knitting scarves in a sort of patchwork design. The first one I made, which my teddy bear Persimmon is modelling, is a mixture of three different shades of pink for a very special someone.
The second scarf is extra long and done in my favourite cotton, acrylic knubby yarn. And the one I am knitting at the moment is a combination of a Swedish yarn of mohair and wool and the other yarn is from Switzerland and it is a cotton-acrylic mixture with a tiny bit of silk thrown in. The colours are blue and white.
Yes, it's getting warmer every day and knitting scarves just doesn't seem the thing to do at this time of year. But winter is coming and by then I will have a stockpile of scarves to giveaway.

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