Monday, November 9, 2009

How many washcloths does one person need?

A local woman drives 350 km to the Vancouver Eastside and delivers a van full of donated goods to the people that need it the most - women and low-income families. She has been doing this for over twenty years. After watching this story on tv I went through the house and found several things that I could donate. A jacket, a coat, soaps and shampoos, a frypan, and four dozen washcloths. Why do I have four dozen washcloths? Well, that is not worth mentioning but the fact alone that I can purchase, any time I want, four dozen of anything and then never use them, and at the same time another family in another city can't even afford to buy a frypan, something is dreadfully wrong.
The four dozen washcloths have been sitting in a drawer for the past two years, but they are a reminder to me to only buy what is necessary, never take anything for granted, and to always help those in need no matter where they live.

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koralee said...

I love your message are so right we are blessed beyond words as others need so much. A good reminder my friend.