Saturday, November 7, 2009

The worlds smallest quilt

I don't know if it was the morning pages or the book I'm reading ( Traveling with pomegranates) but I finally finished a project that has been sitting on my dining room table (to eat we could only use half the table) for the past three months, and I am not kidding. I covered a large cedar box with mother-of-pearl buttons, lined the insides of the box with cork and sewed up this tiny quilt for the bottom of the ocean (box). In one corner rests a tiny abalone shell sporting a pearl, and even though abalone do not produce pearls, the combination in this case looks great.


Luz said...

Thank you!
Your blog is very nice.

Suzanne said...

oooh it's just lovely!

half my dining table is reserved for crafts as well... and often most of the coffee table in the livingroom as well!