Saturday, November 28, 2009


I am asking myself why I do what I do after participating in a craft sale today that was not a money-maker. What did I get out of it? Am I just in it for the money or do I really enjoy creating just for the joy of creating? But if I'm not selling it then I have a whole pile of creations and a lot of expensive supplies.
Of course the room was filled with crafts made by some very talented people and I'm sure that most of those people would have liked to take home less stuff when it was all over.
Some of the crafts I admired take a lot of work and effort - you can see the care that has gone into each and every one of them.
Some people are born with certain talents and can create with little effort but some of us have to really work and study and practice and toil at our crafts and hobbies in order to put them out there for public scrutiny.
That is a big chance we take because we are either going to be loved or we are going to be rejected.
I seem to get a positive reaction to my creations but that is all well and good but I do want to sell my stuff which is why I tend to make practical things like bags and treasure boxes and quilts.
Hours after the sale and I was prepared to just give my stuff away. It means nothing unless someone else is able to enjoy it.
I have decided to take a break from creating, I will not even go near my craft room. The paints and pens will dry up, my fabric piles will get that musty odour, the button jars will be covered in dust , and all my papers will get yellowed and brittle.
My bookshelves are filled with craft books and magazines of all kinds. There are jars full of rubber stamps, scrabble tiles, wood beads, old keys, clothing labels, old jewelry, and hundreds of spools of thread. Why?
Because at one point I had a vision of what I wanted to create so I surrounded myself with everything I thought I needed but in the clutter of it all, I lost my creative vision.
I found this beautiful fabric pictured above at a linen shop in Naramata.As soon as I saw it I loved it and knew that I wanted to make some bags. Went a step further and made a travel set - a bag, a bookmark, an eye mask, and a lavender-filled pillow. I thought it would be a seller but it was not.

I have been collecting pictures and ideas and patterns in my 'Create' book for a few years now. Why? I thought I knew but now I'm not so sure.
Why do you create?

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Anonymous said...

It can be discouraging sometimes when you don't get a response for things you put so much effort into. But I read your post that came later where you donated your quilts to the hospital and somewhere there are moms who have something to wrap their babies in that fewer people have - a real homemade quilt.
To answer your question: I create because it is a part of who I am. As much as it is nice to profit from it sometimes, I would do it anyway if I didn't. And so far, when I DO make some money off my art/crafts, I just spend the money on more tools or supplies! haha. I create food in the kitchen because I love it but mostly because it brings joy to others. I take photos because I love to show people how beautiful they are or how amazing the world is. I paint because I love color. I craft because I love seeing "ingredients" transformed into something else. All of these are little facets of my emotions and personality that come out in a creative way.