Sunday, November 8, 2009

Money tree?

We have had this jade plant almost as long as we have been in this house which is well over ten years. Every summer we move her outside by the front door where she enjoys the morning sun. And every September somebody with a strong back, carries her back inside to her usual spot by the sliding doors along with her other plant friends - lemon and rosemary and bay laurel. A few weeks ago we noticed that jade had started to blossom. This has never happened before. Conditions have to be just right - no water and a touch of frost. We may have left jade outside just a bit longer then we should have. But we are sure glad we did. And we just found out that it is also called a money tree. Yes, we have tons of blossoms but no we do not live in Manitoba.

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raining sheep said...

Too cute! makes me think of myself trying to repot my jade plant this weekend. I can tell you it was a colossal mess :)