Sunday, November 22, 2009

Road trip

We always stop at Swan Lake when we head south - not only because the facilities are so handy but because they always have such a good selection of fruits and veggies, there is always a buttery aroma from the bakery, and during the spring and summer the nursery is well-stocked.
As always when we got to Kelowna Harvey was as busy as ever. We visited with family in the parking lot of HD and the only shopping I did was at VV in RD. I was saving all my energy for Falkland.

I have been shopping at this antiques shop in Falkland for years. Two years ago they built a new one but I still remember the old store - the uneven wooden floor, the dark dusty corners, the piles and piles of treasures some hanging from the ceiling beams, and shelves everywhere crammed full of books, dishes, and you name it they had it, or it would be coming in their next container shipment. I was so looking forward to browsing through the shop but on our return trip it was closed. I noticed that there was 'Beef dinner nite' over at the community hall so now I know why the store was closed.

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