Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Christmas box

There is nothing like the sound of footsteps by the front door, the soft 'plunk' of something being dropped and then the wooden squeak as the lid is closed on the mailbox. And this time of year there are always a few letters, cards and packages waiting for us every evening when we get home from work. Dinner comes second to the ritual of sitting on the couch, with the special letter opener, and slowly going through the pile of mail.

I found a large wooden box at my favourite junk store and turned it into our christmas box for all the cards, letters, and pictures that we get during the holidays. This box was in bad shape but with Valodya's help, I reglued the back and reinforced the hinges. After a coat of paint, I covered the top with paper and fabric and some of my favourite buttons and jewelry. Did the same to the front and back and sides.
I did not change anything about the inside of this special box. On the inside of the lid there is a frame and the inscription reads,'To Rose from Ed, Xmas 1937.' I am guessing that Ed's photo would have been diplayed in the frame, I chose one of my favourite cards to fill it. And as you can see this box is quickly filling with all the holiday greetings from around the world.


Suzanne said...

that is awesome!
what a great idea :)

Italo said...

So cute!!!!

raining sheep said...

Hi, just wanted to wish you a blessed holiday season and much happiness in 2010. I can't believe another year has gone by already. Hugs.